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Language School

We have the privilege of learning Portuguese from our tutor, Matild. She views her opportunity to minister to missionaries by helping them learn languages as her ministry. We are looking forward to having classes with her when we arrive! For us to both take 8 hours of language studies a week for 10 months will cost about $9,000. This is a big, up-front need for us as we seek to learn, understand, and communicate in the Portuguese language.


On The Field Vehicle

A vehicle is a must need for us to travel around Portugal, attend language class, and minister. Because Portugal is a smaller country, a lot of vehicles are imported, and used cars can be very expensive. Finding a reliable, efficient vehicle will cost approximately $17,000.


Startup Costs

Between airline tickets, furniture, and more, we anticipate needing about $15,500 to move to Lisbon and establish our home.

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